A bit more about me down here

Who Am I?

I am Parthiv, a 20 year old living in Kerala. I had a childhood filled with a generous mix of at least four languages. Consequently, when I am not immersed in some book or the other, I muse quietly about the plethora of reasons that make people tick. I absolutely love traveling—the journey being more important than the destination. I'm passionate about anything that involves creativity and am enthusiastic about working on any project or idea that can get me thinking. A big fan of Sherlock Holmes, I am a keen observer and a fast learner, willing to pick up anything that interests me, which, more often than not, happens to be everything. Also, I love puns...especially ones that are pun-ishingly bad.

Markup with HTML was probably one of the first tech things I ever learnt

Hand in hand with HTML, I learnt the art of styling my markup with CSS

Interactivity, more complex code, and a lot of fun came with learning JavaScript

Java is what I prefer when I need to code at times when I am not doing development work

My Skills

Forays into data science, research and scripting made me failiar with Python

NodeJS became the go-to for almost any project that involved Javascript

Clean design and an aesthetic outlook towards everything I did helped hone my UI/UX skills

Cross platform app development became easier with Flutter and Dart to help me

My Projects

Sea Shell




A custom Lost at Sea themed Linux shell that contains several default Linux commands as well as a few custom commands





A hand-outer application that does what it claims—hand out newsletters in this case

TCP Flag Filter




A simple command line application that lets a user obtain information about packets filtered according to any of the TCP header flags

CLI Portfolio

NPM Package



A Command Line Interface Portfolio built with Ink.






Co-founder of a startup that dealt with delivery of food to hostels within the MIT campus with the help of a mobile app


Building a Calendar of Events Database by Analyzing Financial Spikes


Beautiful Soup

I am the fourth author of the research paper titled Building a Calendar of Events Database by Analyzing Financial Spikes. It dealt with events, defined as pieces of news that triggered a change in stock prices. The objective of my portion of the whole project was to collect relevant news data from multiple news websites, clean the data, and create a usable database out of it. I also performed sentiment analysis on the collected data to determine the effect the news would have on the stock price of particular companies. The paper eventually got published in IEEE Access.


IEEE Access

When I am not making puns, I work on my other passions

My Certificates